Fairport by Fairport

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Fairport by Fairport, the official book.

Fairport Convention tell the tale of their 45 remarkable years of folk rock history

This 424-page oral history tells the full, unexpurgated story of Fairport Convention in the words of the people who were there – from Hornsey to Cropredy and beyond.

Members of the band past and present have spoken frankly and fully over the past forty years to author Nigel Schofield about the music, the tours, and the life they led as Fairporters. Including new and previously unpublished contributions from Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg, Sandy Denny, Dave Swarbrick, Ric Sanders, Dave Mattacks, Gerry Conway, Chris Leslie, Ashley Hutchings, Judy Dyble, Maartin Allcock, Trevor Lucas, Dan ar Braz and Jerry Donahue. There are also contributions from John Peel, Robert Plant, Joe Boyd and Ken Russell among many others.

The book is available in two beautifully produced editions: the jacketed Hardback and the stunning Special Edition (of which there are only a very few left)

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